Moto Rapture VU30 and Samsung Sway U650 get dated for VZW

Couple new just-over-budget phones comin’ down the line to Verizon Wireless. I can’t say I’m too excited about that Rapture, but the Sway looks pretty svelte. Cheaper, too. Neither one is very flashy, but it looks like the nicer sliding form factors from Samsung are starting to trickle down a little more. I remember drooling over some of the Korea-only handsets a year ago, which to me still cooler than iPhones and Instincts, though not as versatile to be sure. These two phones have the usual low-end feature sets; the Rapture does have a touch-sensitive outside screen, but on the other hand, looks like someone stepped on a silver marshmallow.

EnMo reports the phones will be available starting this coming monday the 6th; the Moto will cost $180 and the Samsung $120 before that $50 mail-in rebate you never send in. More pics after the break.