Bethesda: DRM on Fallout 3 will be "mild"

In an informative interview with Shack News, Bethesda developer Pete Hines talked about the hotly anticipated game, addressing piracy, platform differences, and so on. Most refreshingly, he said that Bethesda would not be party to the draconian DRM schemes others were trying out; there will be no install limit and probably just a traditional CD-key security system. They also say they’ve done a better job at localizing the PC version than with Oblivion, which is good news, as the most popular mod for Oblivion (BTmod) was the one that corrected the console-ish looks.

At the end there was a little stinger about DLC being released for 360 and PC at once. That’s good, but it also makes me think they’ve already got DLC coming down the pipe before the game is done, which I have objected to before. Anyway, this isn’t a place for me to air my petty grievances. This game is going to be great, it’s a multi-platform release done right (hopefully), and I’m going to be buying it day one.