European startups prepared for the worst

My colleagues over at have done some great number crunching and come up with a list of startups in CrunchBase that have raised at least $25 million over the past two years. The next two years are generally being referred to as another “nuclear winter” when startups will find it very hard to raise cash. They came up with a list of 160 startups, with Facebook topping the list with $455 million raised over the last two years (the bulk of its total $496M). However, although many of those firms are largely operating in Europe (even though their service may be global), they were not split out from the US firms. So I have done my best to weed out the “European” ones.

Interestingly enough, there are two secondary ticket markets in there, Seatwave and Viagogo. SpinVox, at the top, is fast heading towards becoming a kind of over-arching platform for processing voice into text and putting it anywhere. Adconian plays into the fashionable performance ad space. JumpTap is in the hot mobile search space. DailyMotion and Videojug are in video, and increasingly professional content, while badoo has that multi-lingual social network juice. Only one mobile player so far – Nimbuzz.

Please have a look at the original list and leave a comment if I have missed any out, as I am sure I have.

  1. SpinVox (UK) – $100M
  2. Adconion Media Group (UK/Germany) – $80M
  3. JumpTap (Israel) – $48M
  4. Sevenload (Germany) – $40M
  5. Dailymotion (France) – $34M
  6. Seatwave (UK) – $33M
  7. Truphone (UK) – $32M
  8. VideoJug (UK) – $30M
  9. badoo (UK) – $30M
  10. Viagogo (UK) – $30M
  11. Nimbuzz (Netherlands) – $25M