Install, run Mac OS X Leopard on your Dell Mini 9 netbook


A bloke at UneasySilence has managed to install Leopard on his Dell Mini 9. Even better, he’s listed all the steps, so if you’re hankering for a quick weekend project (and you have a Mini 9), this may just do the trick.

Note that it does include downloading a specialized version of Leopard off The Pirate Bay, which may or may not be illegal. Who cares, I say. A quick search for “MSIWindosx86.iso” there will bring it up for ya.

It’s a fully functioning install, too, as the bloke was able to update his Mini 9 all the way up to 10.5.5.

I actually used the phrase “oh, wow, neat” when I first read about this. Perhaps it’s time I turn in my Cynic Card.