New Hitachi camcorder streams HD signal wirelessly to HDTV

This new Wooo camcorder, on display at CEATEC right now, eliminates the need for an HDMI cable when reviewing or showing your footage — as long as you have a compatible Hitachi TV. I’ve never been a big fan of the in-camera viewing and editing, but a lot of people use it and you know you can always use less wires around the house. And I know you’re thinking it, so yes it works as a spy cam too:

Video being shot live is transmitted using the camcorder’s IPTV server capability. It compresses the video into H.264 format in real time and delivers it via a wireless LAN. With an IPTV reception capability compatible with the “acTVila” specification, Hitachi’s TVs can receive the video signals.

Now you can monitor the fridge in high def! No one’s going to sneak those premium pickles now. [via HardOCP]