Panasonic Lumix G1 performance specs

Looks like someone got enough hands-on time with one of these little Micro Four Thirds things to time all its vital features. Looks like it’s not quite at the speed of, say, a Rebel XSi or D70, but it’s far faster than a normal point-and-shoot. Some standout specs after the break.

  • Power on to first shot: 1.1s
  • CF safe to eject after 9 RAW shots: 10s (!)
  • Display large/fine JPEG: 0.5s (kinda slow)
  • Shutter lag, full autofocus, wide angle: 0.454s
  • Shutter lag, prefocused: .077s
  • Time between single shots: ~0.85s
  • Continuous shooting mode: 3.13fps, 20 shots in JPEG, 9 shots in RAW (nice!)
  • Flash recycle: 1.6s (solid)

Not bad at all! I trust Panasonic to make a decent electronic shutter, although I may be suspicious of their lenses. Hope I get my hands on one of these soon to put it through its paces.