CEATEC 2008: The two coolest robots of the show besides Little Seiko (2 videos)

Murata’s Little Seiko was not only the coolest robot of this year’s CEATEC (that ended Saturday) but one of the biggest fan favorites overall. But as the CEATEC is a Japanese exhibition, there was a number of other companies that showcased robots.

The video above shows Fujitsu’s Enon robot in action. Enon is a service robot that serves multiple purposes: surveillance, transportation, customer interaction, information terminal etc. It’s really cool.

I took the video below at Business Design Laboratory’s booth. Their Mechadroid Type C3 is meant to one day replace human receptionists and features face recognition technology and a touch panel display that enables people to request information.

Mechadroid Type C3 doesn’t have legs but he can talk.