Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich building $350 million yacht: Has its own missile defense system


Chelsea owner and cheerleader-in-chief (when the side plays attractive football) Roman Abramovich is building a £200 million (~$352 million) yacht that includes at least two helipads, a harbor, a submarine and its own missile defense system. That’s an artist’s impression of what Abramovich’s money can buy/build.

The 550 foot-long yacht, named the Eclipse, is being built in the same German shipyard where the Bismarck was built. It will have a crew of 70 (!), and enough accommodations to entertain 24 guests, including an onboard theater and discothèque.

Abramovich is only 41-years-old, so he still has plenty of time to enjoy wealth. Good for him.

Maybe now he can buy players who aren’t made of glass.

via Gizmodo