iPhone 2.2 firmware has Google Street View, Emoji, Auto-Correction toggle hidden inside

Just a few days ago, iPhone developers started receiving a test version of the iPhone 2.2 software. Oddly, the only item Apple chose to list in the patch notes was “compatibility testing” – no mention of new features, specific bug fixes, or, well, anything. Tired of staring at this list of lies, the craftier amongst the crowd decided to delve a bit deeper.

So far, they’ve already unearthed three features most would consider worthy of at least a mention:

  • Japanese emoji icons (literally translates to “picture character”) – think emoticons, but to visually represent real world objects rather than emotions. Apparently this is a fairly must have feature for some Japanese would-be iPhone owners.
  • Streetview has been added to the Maps application. This feature has made its way to Google Maps on just about every other platform’s release. Though it won’t have the crazy Streetview compass functionality that the G1 totes (and touts), it’s a welcome addition.
  • Auto-correct can now be toggled off. It sort of makes sense for them to have waited this long to implement this. It took a good 4 or 5 months of use, but it’s finally grown on me. If there was an off switch available right off the bat, I’m sure many newcomers would have disabled it almost immediately.

Is there really any reason for Apple to be secretive about these features? Probably not. But hey – it gives the talent something else to tinker with, seeing as the normal obstacle doesn’t seem to be an issue this time around.

[Via MacRumors]