VisualHub maker to shut down product support

Tyler Loch, maker of VisualHub, one of the best applications for converting video on the Mac ever in the whole wide world, is citing health and relationship reasons for closing up shop and potentially releasing the product as open source.

Loch’s company, Techspansion, will cease support and Apple had nothing to do with the decision. Loch wrote:

No, the decision was all mine. No lawyers or other nasties involved. The work was adversely affecting my health, my relationships, and my other responsibilities, too much to bear. It was a very tough decision, and it’s one that I hope was the right choice for me.

Being a one-man support and production team is probably pretty tough. Another good program bites the dust, sadly, but never fear: someone will take the source code and branch it off interminably, creating 500 strange versions for multiple platforms.