Exclusive: First look at IPEVO's Wi-Fi Skype handset and other goodies

IPEVO has lots of experience at making hardware for Skype and they’ve been there from the start. Over the years they’ve slowly branched out into other venues to satisfy the masses with POV web cams (review above), VoIP handsets and products specific to the Mac (Not yet announced, but available in Apple stores, pictured below), which have also been well received and readily available. Beginning next year we can expect them to branch out even further and take gadgets that are already available now and tweak them to be more unique. We’ve got the inside scoop so read on, dear friends.

First up is the Wi-Fi enabled Skype handset that we managed to snag a few grainy camera phone shots of. The hardware is close to final and not much will change from what you see now. It’s rather lightweight and may not be the prettiest thing to look at, but if you’re a power Skype user and need something ultra portable then this is what you’re going to want. Unfortunately there weren’t any open networks where we were, so I couldn’t test the call quality. The UI comes from the development team at Skype at is rather straight forward. Nothing too far off from what you see on other handset models or desktop clients. No word on price, but expect an announcement in the coming weeks. The handset will initially launch in Asia and should be coming to the States shortly after.

“Digital picture frames:” The those words make me want to blow my cookies. They’re stupid, they’re ginormous in some instances and the picture resolution is abysmal. Well, IPEVO is coming out with one too and they’re hoping the additions they’ve made to their 7-inch frame will be unique enough for you to want one. Picture resolution is said to be better than those on the market now and we were sans electric outlets, so I cannot attest to the picture quality, but it’s the other features that make it cool, IMO. It connects over Wi-Fi, so you may be able to figure out what it can do. One of the things I don’t like about digital frames is the fact that you need to update the memory card to get a refresh of photos. The screen also rotates and photos adjust accordingly. A row of buttons are placed on the base and it also comes with a remote. This, too, will launch in Asia before coming to the US.

And last but not least is what IPEVO hopes to be an extra display for your desktop or laptop. The design itself is unique and if there’s a photographer or cinema photographer in you then you might appreciate it. You know how you position your hands to act as a frame around certain things you see? One pointer finger connects with your opposite thumb and the same applies with the other. I think you know what I’m talking about. Anyway, the design for this upcoming display plays off of that and can be seen in what I assume is the final design draft. It aligns with the corner of your monitor or accentuates your laptop depending on how you place it. This one connects over USB and does something similar to the aforementioned digital frame. It’s not too shabby and from a design standpoint I really like it. Will it be useful? Depends on the user, I guess. No word on when this will come to market.

Oh, and more thing. The POV web cam will be getting a refresh with an AF 2-megapixel sensor and adjustable stand like those old desk lamps from the 90s.