HandshoeMouse purports to reduce RSI

Repetitive Stress Injury, commonly called “Blogger’s Wrist” by bloggers, is a serious danger to people who make their living by sitting in front of a computer all day. Obesity is a big one too, but mainly affects editors. I’ve searched for mice my whole life that reduce wear and tear on my poor tendons and ligaments, but although I’ve found some really nice ones, I haven’t used one specifically designed to eliminate the problem. The HandshoeMouse is the first I know of to do so.

Its design is pretty freaky, but for tasks that don’t involve microsecond response times and pixel-perfect accuracy, it looks like it could be insanely comfortable. The idea is that is supports the whole hand, so you aren’t keeping any bits tense to prevent them from dragging, or to keep the mouse aligned. Sounds like a winner to me, but of course I’ll have to hold one to be sure.