Michael Moore doesn't mind that his film Slacker Uprising is being downloaded illegally


Famous director Michael Moore released his latest movie, Slacker Uprising, on that there Internet a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, for would-be viewers outside the U.S. and Canada, trying to download the movie results in a great big fail whale.

And then the movie appeared on The Pirate Bay, where anyone can download it. Is this Mr. Moore’s doing, or the work of some busybody fan who wants to spread Moore’s film as far and wide as possible?

Well, we don’t know (of course), but Mr. Moore told TorrentFreak that he thinks copyright laws are wildly outdated—if he can buy a book, read it, then hand it over to a friend, why can’t he do the same with a downloadable movie?

Ding ding, Mr. Moore. That’s what we all want to know.