Thanks to research, decent 3D displays getting closer to reality


So CNN has this quick little piece on innovations involving holographic television. You know, something along the lines of “don’t look now, but in just a few years you could be watching ESPN and get an elbow in the face from Kevin Garnet.” The catalyst for the piece is new research coming from the University of Arizona that make it easier to create displays with some sort of built-in memory, apparently vital for the creation of 3D displays.

The researchers have created displays that are about the size of computer monitors.

It should be noted that these 3D displays aren’t merely for consumer use. Rather, they can be used in hospitals as part of training, or in the military. That’s good to hear, because my interest in watching Inside Baseball in 3D is nearly non-existent; it just seems tacky.

That, or maybe I’ve become jaded because man of the “3D displays” you see paraded around trade aren’t very impressive.