Brain fingerprinting could replace conventional lie detectors


Being that lie detectors are complete wastes of space, law enforcement needs, you know, something that actually works. That something could well be brain fingerprinting, which measures brainwave activity to determine if someone is telling the truth or not.

VentureBeat puts it in easy-t-understand terms. Imagine you viciously murder someone with an axe. Then, when the police are questioning you, they show you a photo of an axe. Naturally, your reaction to that photo of an ace would be totally different to someone who didn’t just murder someone using an axe. Then, using all sorts of fancy policing, including Vic Mackey-style tooling up, the police are to determine to a greater degree if you’re lying.

The method is still in development, and the company behind the technology, Brain Fingerprinting Technologies, says about $25 million in funding is still needed to perfect it.