Eli Manning’s automagical condo


Say hey, that’s New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, also known as my new fantasy football quarterback since about halfway in to the first quarter of the Patriots-Chiefs game when Tom Brady’s leg exploded along with my dreams of a good season.

Anyway, Electronic House has an interesting piece on Eli’s New Jersey condo. It’s apparently an exercise in automated simplicity, as most of the gadgets and doodads are controlled via a customized interface that needed to be easy enough for out of town guests to use.

Just about everything from the TVs to the lights to the whole-house music system to the electronic blinds is controlled using Creston control panels placed throughout the condo. Eli wanted his neophyte father, Archie Manning, to be able to learn the system and apparently was able to teach him how to use it in about ten minutes.


While having company over is all well and good – the Mannings entertain frequently – you want to be able to save the good liquor for your close, close friends and family. In that case, what better way to conceal the primo stuff than with a hidden, rotating wall column? Only people with the correct passcode can gain access to the hidden booze.


Eli has a 63-inch Samsung plasma TV in his home office that he uses to watch game footage. He’s able to control the video using a joystick-like remote that lets him stop, start, rewind, slow-mo, and all that good stuff. The entire system was designed and installed by Audio Video Crafts in Long Island City, New York.

[via Electronic House]