Go grab yourself an ex-eBay staffer, they're on sale

I just got off the phone to an eBay UK spokeman who was a little concerned that my story on Monday implied that three quarters of their UK staff were bing made redundant. I politely pointed out to him that I wrote that three quarters of their UK staff are “on notice for redundancy”, which he didn’t deny. So that’s another circular conversation out the way. At any rate, yes, eBay is going through a “consultation process” and they are figuring out what everyone’s roles will be here and in other countries, and – get this – he even said there may be new regional officies. But, anything else more specific was “too sensitive to go into.”

So here’s what I think. eBay UK employs around 100 people. If 75 of them are “on notice” then why don’t they consider the option of taking that redundancy package, when it’s offered and go join a startup?

Here’s what you startups out there do next: Get on the train out to Richmond, South West London, and stand outside their office with a flyer printed out with your job opportunities.

Here’s ebay UK’s address to get you going:

Ebay UK
Hotham House
Heron Square
Google Map

Good luck – leave your feedback and stories of hirings in the comments below.