Internet radio on a stick from Aluratek


Most of you who read this site are savvy enough to figure out internet radio for yourselves but for the other 90% of the world, here’s Aluratek’s USB Internet Radio Jukebox. It’s pretty much how it sounds. You plug the USB stick into your computer and, boom, instant internet radio with over 13,000 stations to choose from.

Now if you’ve read and/or watched my review of the Aluratek Internet Radio Alarm Clock, you’ll remember that I used words like “love” and “wonderful.” I’d assume that the USB device from Aluratek might elicit similar responses because it appears to use the same interface as the clock radio except in software form.

The browse-by-location feature is my favorite. I can tap into old radio stations I used to listen to when I lived in Minnesota, I can pull up KEXP from my Seattle college days, and I can listen to the weird-but-cool Cape Cod station, WMVY.

So file this one under “Internet radio for people who’ve heard good things about internet radio but don’t know what the hell they’re doing.” The USB radio goes for under 30 bucks at various online retailers like and Amazon.

Aluratek USB Internet Radio Jukebox [via i4u]