Microsoft keynote from the Tokyo Game Show

We’re going to live blog MJ’s live blog and Kotaku’s live blog.

We’ll pick apart the major stuff for you, so stand by.

11:07PM- The Last Remnant from Square Enix is launching November 20th.
11:13PM- Some facts and figures about the Xbox 360 being the RPG platform of choice for Japan.
11:16PM- A Star Ocean: The Last Hope launching in the US March 3rd in North America.
11:18PM- Biohazard 5 aka Resident Evil 5 trailer playing. We’ll have the trailer up in a few.
11:22PM- Resident Evil 5 launching March 12. 99 Nights 2 coming to Xbox 360.
11:23PM- Tekken 6 coming to Xbox 360 in the fall of 2009.
11:25PM- Some new games coming to XBLA: updated version of Space Invaders and Arkanoid Live coming this winter. Metal Slug 7 is also coming. The Kingdom of Fighters Ultimate Match coming in spring of 2009.
11:29PM- R-Type is coming back with 2D and 3D graphics along with online co-op and 2-player local.
11:32PM- The entire NXE is being demoed.
11:33PM- Stuff we already know about so far.
11:34PM- New themes, I guess. Parties?
Everyone is using CoverItLive now. Remember we started that way back when.
11:37PM- You can purchase games on the Web (view XBL Marketplace) and download to your console.
11:39PM- NXE launching globally on November 19th.
11:40PM- Halo time. Halo Wars stuff. Nothing new so far. Ohhh, The Flood coming to HW.
11:47PM- Launch date is still slated for early 2009.
11:48PM- Halo 3 goodness. Something about a drop pod.
11:50PM- Halo 3 Recon coming next fall. Prologue to Halo 3 from an ODST marine’s perspective.
11:52PM- That’s all she wrote.