NeuroSky's EEG-reading "MindSet" at Tokyo Game Show tomorrow

I have always been skeptical of this so-called mind-reading technology as a game-playing device, although I will admit that it has its applications — if it works, which I’m sure it does at least adequately. I can’t imagine switching weapons with the thing, but can you imagine trying to clear your mind while your spellcaster preps a big heal, or getting psyched up to build up your “spirit meter” in something like Samurai Shodown? At any rate, they’re now teaming up with Square Enix so whatever it is, at least it’ll be epic.

I’m not sure it’s entirely necessary to have the whole forehead-based sensor setup; wouldn’t it be enough to have a sensor built into the controller? The brainwave detectors I remember from the Seattle Science Center were finger-based. But I guess that wouldn’t really be cool enough.

The full press release is below:

NeuroSky to Unveil Brainwave-Controlled Video Game Concept Co-Developed With Square Enix
Tokyo Game Show 2008
Booth 3-N4

TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–NeuroSky, Inc., the leading manufacturer of “wearable” consumer bio-sensors, announced today the unveiling of a brainwave-controlled video game at the Tokyo Game Show 2008 in Makuhari, Japan, on October 9 and 10. This exciting and entertaining demonstration is based on a new game concept being jointly developed with Square Enix Co., Ltd. (Square Enix).

The technical demonstration developed with Square Enix operates in conjunction with Windows PC machines and features the NeuroSky commercial headset, MindSet™. The recently introduced MindSet is capable of interfacing to a variety of gaming platforms, including PC, console and mobile. It resembles a pair of headphones, with a single electrode contacting the user’s forehead while reading the player’s brainwave information, or EEG data. The headset registers the current state of relaxation or concentration of players, allowing them to perform a variety of actions within the game.

“At Square Enix, we are actively involved in developing a variety of gaming interfaces. I am thrilled to have this opportunity to work with NeuroSky, and apply their advanced sensor technology in this brain-wave controlled game demonstration,” commented Ryutaro Ichimura, Producer at Square Enix. “Although the main purpose of the demo is to test the results of our short development period, I hope it also unlocks new potentials in gaming.”

Stanley Yang, the CEO of NeuroSky, considers the joint development with Square Enix as further validation that brainwave-reading (EEG) technology is rapidly emerging onto the video game scene. “We are delighted to have built such an important partnership with a key industry player to have jointly developed a demonstration based on brainwave-reading technology. The market has been anticipating the introduction of this technology for many years, and the reality of controlling features of a video game through mental control is finally taking root.”

Tokyo Game Show 2008

NeuroSky’s booth will be located in the Business Solution Area (3-N4). The technical demonstration will take place on Thursday, October 9th and Friday, October 10th only.