‘Aquaduct’ adult-sized tricycle produces clean drinking water, keeps you from tipping over

Look at this environmentally-advanced mama jama. It’s called the Aquaduct, and though many are referring to it as a bicycle, it’s got three wheels. That, my friends, is a tricycle. Forget semantics, though, because the Aquaduct not only gets your from Point A to Point B (and occasionally Point C), but it also filters cruddy crap-water into delicious drinkable water using an onboard, pedal-powered filtration system.

You simply fill up the back end of the trike with whatever water you can find and start pedaling. The little jug on the front side of the Aquaduct will begin to fill with clean, drinkable water as it’s filtered throughout the system. This concept comes from IDEO and won Google’s 2008 Innovate or Die competition.

Aquaduct Concept Vehicle [IDEO via Gadget Review]