Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster pipes in on new MacBook pricing

Mr. Munster released a report today that states Apple’s new MacBooks (the one’s that are being announced next week) will start out at $899 or $999. I wasn’t the biggest believer of an $800 entry point for Apple, so this seems to make a little more sense to me. The talk of the town the last few months has been a sub-$1,000 price point, which is more than likely, but not at the prices people are speculating. Like everyone else, I hope it’s as cheap as the rumors claim, but a $999 entry point on the MacBooks might deter me from dropping the dough.

“We expect the new MacBooks to be cheaper. However, it is likely that the new MacBooks will be a more premium product (with new aluminum casing and gesture-based touchpad),” he wrote. “In other words, we expect the new MacBooks to be a meaningful upgrade with an average selling price 9 percent to 18 percent lower [than today’s models].”

He goes on to say that the MBP will be updated with a slimmer design and updated touchpad. He believes these will start out at $1,899. We should also be on the lookout for updated specs for the MacBook Air, he says.

via AI