This stupid economy has officially gone too far as Mother’s Cookies is going under

Gadgets be damned for fifteen minutes, this is real news! Mother’s Cookies – makers of those delicious, delicious frosted Circus Animal Cookies – is going out of business, citing “rising prices for raw materials and fuel,” according to the San Francisco Examiner. This poor economy bullshit is starting to hit me where it hurts; the stomach.

Mother’s Cookies started in Oakland in 1914 as Mother’s Cake and Cookie Company and remained independent until 1991 when it was purchased by a Belgian company, who then sold it to a Chicago company in the late 90’s, who then sold it to someone else who then sold it to someone else who then moved most of the operational side of the business to Ohio and Canada in 2006, laying off 230 employees.

So maybe the writing was kind of on the wall to begin with, but still — no more Circus Animal Cookies?! Insanity! Might as well starve me to death.

[via Consumerist]