Tokyo Game Show: More impressions and pictures

This year’s Tokyo Game Show, which currently takes place in Chiba (1 hour east of Tokyo), is expected to be the biggest yet and it was actually quite crowded today already, at day one of the show (that ends Sunday).

Here are my first impressions:

Microsoft makes a very strong showing this year. They have Tekken 6, Resident Evil 5, Streetfighter 4 and most importantly they have many cool RPGs like Last Remnant or Star Ocean. Their booth was surprisingly popular.

There were too many sequels, but it seems this is a phenomenon that can be observed every year. In my opinion, the quality of the games was quite high overall even though I was missing some real surprises.

Interest from abroad is huge. The Tokyo Game Show might be one of the exhibitions in Asia with the highest “gaijin factor”.

My favorite games of the show are Resident Evil 5, Streetfighter 4, Last Remnant, Killzone 2 and King of Fighters 12.