CrunchDeals: Immortality for $12,000

Bulletproof-Polo-ShirtMaybe you’ll soon see some well-dressed SWAT team members running around the seedier parts of your neighborhood. They’ll look like they just got off the golf course but they’ll actually each be wearing a $12,000 bulletproof polo shirt by Miguel Caballero.

While the previously-reported bulletproof pocket square protects your heart, this handsome shirt will presumably protect your entire torso. It’s apparently made of “ultra-lightweight bulletproof fabric,” according to and, I must admit, I have never ever heard of such a material.

Lightweight though it may be, I guess the shirt can protect you from gunfire ranging from a 9mm pistol and all the way up to automatic fire from an Uzi submachine gun.

You serious? So basically you’re immortal. Great. Immortality for $12,000. Just need to pull twelve grand out of the old 401k – hey, where’d all my money go?

[via Likecool]