Nokia announcing something on October 13th

Another day, another viral campaign. This time, the mystery fun is brought to us by Nokia. Visiting the page will playback a video outlining the woes of three people who have lost their phones, highlighting the idea that their phone “knows everything” about them. It then switch to the countdown shown above. They’ve even given all three of the video’s stars – Anna, Jade, and Luca – Facebook accounts, complete with fake friends and Wall posts.

Anyone want to take a stab at what they’ll announce? The obvious bet would be something involving the phone shown in the countdown (the 7610 Supernova) – but that seems a bit anticlimactic, and makes the whole omniscient phone aspect kind of pointless. My guess? Some sort of remote wipe/data management set-up aimed at the general consumer. Lose your phone? Take all the naughty stuff off via our handy web app!