Yahoo! oneSearch shortcut and Yahoo! Go 3.0 get voice-powered search

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a big fan of Yahoo’s oneSearch. When a carrier make the effort to implement it into their WAP deck, it makes the generally convoluted process of searching for something on a mobile handset a whole lot less painful. Looking to strip the mobile search process down even further, Yahoo has announced that they have integrated voice-enabled search into a couple of oneSearch-powered applications.

Nokia S60 owners are gettin’ the most out of the announcement, with both the oneSearch homescreen shortcut and the the bigger, badder Yahoo! Go 3.0 application getting the voice overhaul. Owners of select BlackBerrys can get in on the fun, too – but only with the Yahoo! Go 3.0 app. The new goods are available to folks in the U.S., UK, India, Singapore, Philippines and Canada.