Casio claims a fingerprint inside camera, voids warranty

I understand that companies like Casio are dealing with large volumes and must enforce a certain level of scrutiny when it comes to returns, or face enormous costs from unnecessary replacements. But this is ridiculous. Like the laptop with “liquid inside keyboard,” Casio’s complaint is completely ridiculous and completely transparent. You can see the technician going down the checklist, scrutinizing the camera and looking for anything, anything that might disqualify the camera from being replaced for free.

Come on, Casio, wouldn’t you rather be the company that gives consumers the benefit of the doubt? That might not get plastered all over the internet like this is going to be, but at least you won’t lose thousands of sales because of bad PR you could have avoided. Or maybe it would go on the internet — we just posted an exceptionally pleasant interaction with a Comcast person, although as I understand it, the guys at the Comcast store Matt is going to are hard at work reversing that goodwill.