LaCie big boxin' it with the 5Big RAID NAS

LaCie, no stranger to the storage game, is putting out a unique-looking and high-capacity RAID network-attached storage box. It’ll hold up to 7.5TB at the moment, which is a huge amount but looks smaller every day as storage capacities skyrocket. I’d say a year ago a terabyte was like “wow, a terabyte?” and now it’s like “yeah, let me get a couple of those.”

It’s got 5 slots for SATA HDDs, which puts it in capacity above its natural enemy, the Drobo, although the latter still has the intelligent data backup that makes it so attractive to the cautious and paranoid. I like the big “eye” but it would have been nice to have a functional display on there. It does say it has a built-in torrent client, however, which is both insane and awesome.
[via Technabob]