Pumpkin carving contest pre-announcement

Just wanted to give everyone a heads-up on an upcoming contest that might require a little pre-planning on your part. In the spirit of Halloween we are going to host a pumpkin carving contest for a couple of awesome prizes. With the holiday quickly approaching, we didn’t want you carve your pumpkin before hearing about the contest. The prizes will be announced in the coming days, but trust us, it will be worth your time and the cost of a pumpkin.


  • The pumpkin must have a geeky/nerdy/gadgety feel to it. Think iPhone, XBox, Pacman, BSG… along those lines.
  • You must submit two pictures: one during the carving and one when it’s all done.
  • There must be a Crunchgear sign printed or hand-written somewhere in the post-carving pic so we know you didn’t grab the image off the internet. No photoshop’n our logo in after you take the picture either.
  • There will be three winners: The best one will win the big prize, but two random submissions will still win something good. 

More details to come…