TechCrunch Pitch! @ FOWA – the Runaround version

On the final day of FOWA last week I realised that there must be lots of interesting startups and web apps wandering around in the form of delegates – people who didn’t get their moment on stage during the conference . So I Twittered that we’d hold an impromptu TechCrunch Pitch! event outside the MySpace bus at 3pm. Luckily, about 100 people turned up and we had, I think, 8 startups pitch in the end. The reason I’m vague on the number is that I was relying on my audio recording of the pitches to inform this post. But somewhere between then and leaving FOWA (straight after Live Diggnation) my podcast recorder went missing. So until I can get back to the Excel centre later this week, all we have to go on that the pitches happened are the below videos from some kind people. If you were one of the startups who pitched, then please leave a comment so I can get back to you. For those who weren’t there, we decided the winner of Mark Zuckerberg’s FOWA bag would be BookingBug (one of the gaggle of startups Sun Startup Essentials is helping out), via the highly scientific method of getting the crowd to physically line-up behind the startup they liked the most. If I say it was a little like a 1980s kids British kids TV show called Runaround, you’ll know what I mean (see the last video). Meanwhile, the videos…

TechCrunch @ FOWA pitch – Part1

TechCrunch @ FOWA pitch – Part2

TechCrunch Pitch FOWA 2008 from Paul Kane on Vimeo.