The giant glowing envelope means you’ve got mail


If the constant deluge of e-mail makes you agitated, your right eye twitching every time a new message hits your inbox, then you will probably NOT like this gigantic envelope box-type doodad that lights up every time someone tries to get your attention. I’d likely develop some sort of negative Pavlovian response to such stimuli.

But if you’re popular, have friends, and like to know when those friends have e-mailed you, it might be time to scrounge up $17 for the USB Webmail Notifier from Brando. The envelope box turns shades of green, blue, and red depending upon how many unread e-mails you have and you can even set it to flash on and off until you check your mail (my eye just twitched involuntarily).

USB Webmail Notifier [Brando]