So where are the other MacBook Pro and MacBook screen size options? [Update]

Good ‘ol Apple. The company announced brand-spanking new MacBook Pro and MacBook options today, but limited the new models to a single screen size each. Chances are, different screen size options will be announced during January’s MacWorld conference. More than likely the MacBook Pro line will receive the desktop replacement option of a 17-inch model while the MacBook line will gain a 15.3-inch option. 

No doubt these two laptops were announced to coincide with the holiday season and the other size options were not fully developed yet. However, there is a chance that Apple is dropping the other sizes all together, forcing potential buyers to choose screen size as well as performance when weighing what model they need. Only time will tell.

Come to think of it, this would also apply to the Cinema Display. Apple only announced an updated 24-inch model.