Tokyo Game Show: Hands on with the PSP-3000 (video)

Video: Courtesy of DigInfo

Sony presented the PSP-3000 to the general public for the first time during the Tokyo Game Show last week. I had the possibility to play “Clank & Ratchet: Maru Hi Mission Ignition!” and “Resistance: Retribution” on the new PSP and the display seemed to be a major improvement.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the possibility to test it outside the exhibition halls (under daylight) and there was no game running on a PSP-2000 for comparison (I was able to test the new model for about 30 minutes). The display is better but I couldn’t find any other critical differences to the PSP-2000 (aprt from the mic, obviously).

Regarding usability, the buttons and D-pad, for example, felt almost unchanged to me, even though Sony said they changed these parts of the hardware as well.

The PSP-3000 will be available in Japan starting this Thursday ($200).