Best Buy to get "exclusive" Alienware Aurora

Disclaimer: Your computer may not look this tight.
If it hadn’t years ago, Alienware would have lost its credibility today. What used to be a boutique, custom, super-high-performance PC company has simply become the high-end house brand at Dell. When they’re selling “exclusive” ho-hum fixed configurations on the shelf at Best Buy, you know they’re no longer at the forefront of performance gaming. The box itself isn’t bad, really: AMD Phenom 9550, dual Radeon 4850s, and 4 gigs of RAM. A nice mid-range system you could probably build yourself for $500 less (it’s $1700).

But when they do that thing where they attempt to contextualize the hard drive space by giving you a number of mp3s (112,500 in this case)? That’s when I stop taking them seriously as enthusiast hardware.

The full release:

Dell Delivers Alienware Aurora Desktops Exclusively To Best Buy
Austin, Texas, October 15, 2008

* Immersive gaming experiences, visually stunning graphics and leading edge performance
* Available in more than 200 U.S. locations and at

Hardcore gamers and tech-savvy enthusiasts looking for immersive gaming experiences, stunning graphics and leading edge performance can now test drive, and buy, the Alienware AuroraTM Desktop exclusively at Best Buy. Dell announced it is selling the Alienware Aurora desktop at 200 stores in the United States and through

“People are defining themselves by the products they choose and groups they associate with, “says Michael Tatelman, vice president, global consumer sales and marketing, Dell. “Individuals who choose the Alienware Aurora are saying I am a serious gamer and user who demands the best in personal computing.”

The Aurora was built and optimized for high-end gaming and for ultimate entertainment and enjoyment. The system features an array of high-performance components including:

* The AMD PhenomTM X4 9550 quad-core CPU to power through even the most resource-intensive games
* Dual ATI RadeonTM HD 4850 GPUs with a combined 1GB of GDDR3 graphics memory1
* A 500GB2 7,200RPM hard drive capable of storing up to 75 games, 90 full-length movies or 112,500 songs3
* 4GB4 of DDR2 memory for extreme multitasking capabilities

“Best Buy constantly looks for the most exciting and in-demand consumer electronics to offer shoppers,” says Keith Bryan, director of desktop computing, Best Buy. “The addition of the Alienware Aurora is no exception. Its quality, design and performance features can draw people to Best Buy who want to experience Alienware first hand and experience a new standard in personal computing and gaming.”

The Alienware Aurora will retail at $1,699.99.

For more information on the Alienware Aurora desktop being offered at Best Buy, please visit:

Alienware is Dell’s premier high-performance PC gaming brand.