CA-IP500: The in-dash iPod dock for cars


Apple introduced the iPod in 2001. That means it took seven years for someone, here, Fusion, to make an aftermarket in-car dealie (“radio”) with a built-in iPod dock. Wake up, people!

The CA-IP1500, Fusion claims, is the first iPod dock that works inside a car’s head unit. Then you’d be able to control the iPod by using the knobs and dials on the front. It sounds borderline magical, really.

Other than that, it looks to be very similar every 17-year-old’s aftermarket radio: near-garish OLED display, complete with whirring and teenage mystique; AM/FM tuner with radio data system; and the still-around SRS Wow.

She’s about $284, but you’ll be dealing with international shipping and so forth. (It’s a Commonwealth company.)

Car and iPod not included.

via Gadget Review