Carbon E7 police car looks like Transformers prop; equipped with tons of gadgets

Carbon Motors, never heard of ’em either, is working on a custom police car to catch all of Gotham’s baddies. It kind of looks as if K.I.T.T. and Robocop breed a Transformer offspring meant just for police duty. It’s dubbed the E7 and specific details about all the gadgets haven’t been released, but this short video shows off it’s bad-ass styling.

Allegedly, the car can sprint up to 65 mph in under 7 seconds via a 300 HP diesel engine and brush-off small arms fire thanks to bullet proof panels. The cars price range will be $20k-$70k depending on options, but with a 250,000 durability spec, suicide rear doors, and more LED lights than a Caddy, it seems worth it. Nothing like cruising the streets in style rather than in a Crown Vic, eh?