Ecobee thermostat has a Wi-Fi connection

ecobee smart thermostat image

Here’s a way to control the temperature in your house from far, far away. The Ecobee “Smart Thermostat” has all the stuff you’d expect with a standard digital thermostat and adds a pretty nice-looking touchscreen interface and – gasp! – a wireless connection, allowing you to log in and control it via the web. It’s not super-duper expensive either, at $385. The company claims you’ll make that much back in under a year and a half with all the moolah you’ll save optimizing your energy usage.

The Smart Thermostat will ship in early 2009 but Ecobee is taking pre-orders. You’ll want to line up someone who knows what they’re doing to install the thing, too, as it’s “not a self-install device.”

[via TreeHugger]