Facebook hits 10,000,000,000 photos, good LORD

Doug Beaver over at a Facebook Engineering blog casually mentions that they have just had their ten billionth photo uploaded. Not only that, but since they keep 4 copies of each in different sizes, that’s 40 billion files just for the photos. Then he drops these little nuggets:

  • 2-3 Terabytes of photos are being uploaded to the site every day
  • They have just over one petabyte of photo storage
  • They serve over 15 billion photo images per day
  • Photo traffic now peaks at over 300,000 images served per second

Kind of puts things into perspective, right? I remember I was pumped when I got my 100,000th visitor to my mp3 blog, Robosexual. A year of my own traffic, tripled in a single second by Facebook. Nick at Roughtype notes,

“I did a quick scan of the 10 billion photos and found that 3 billion of them included an image of beer, in keg, can, bottle, or pitcher form, 1.5 billion included an image of a bra, and 675 million included both beer and a bra.”

I’m… I’m just so proud!