New LCD screen from NEC makes 3D images viewable with naked eye

Older 3D screen from NEC (showcased last year)

NEC today announced the development of a 12.1-inch LCD panel [JP] that allows viewers to see 3-D images without having to wear 3D glasses.

NEC’s 3D screen uses smaller displays (sized at 2.5 inches) that were produced back in 2004 as a technical basis. The new amorpheus silicon TFT features SVGA resolution (800×600).

Commercialization is scheduled to begin as early as next year. Instead of targeting a mass market, NEC mainly wants to sell their new 3D screen to arcade game producers and medical imaging device manufacturers.

The company said their new product will be presented to the general public at the Digital Content Expo 2008 to be held in Tokyo next week. There are no pictures of the device available at the moment.