Netbooks and Apple dominating Amazon's tech top 10

How exciting! I’ve always been skeptical of the actual popularity of netbooks, but I think this makes them out to be actual successful products and not just industry darlings. I don’t think anybody is surprised at the new MacBooks being on the top 10 in computers and hardware, but I am surprised that the white ones and the last-generation MacBook Pros are still selling better. I expected a lot of opportunistic buying of the old models, but more than the new ones? I’ll list the top ten here, you know, just in case all our traffic takes Amazon down.

1. Acer Aspire One (white)
2. Acer Aspire One (blue)
3. Old MacBook Pro (cheap)
4. EeePC 1000H (10-inch)
5. White MacBook
6. Old MacBook Pro (expensive)
7. Samsung T260HD 26″ LCD
8. New MacBook (2.0GHz, 160GB)
9. EeePC 1000HA (10-inch)
10. New MacBook (2.4GHz, 250GB)