Special Report: My iPhone 3G battery life is strikingly better

Is there nothing Steve Jobs can’t do? After warning that a full recall or update would be required to get the IP3G to fighting trim, I’m pleased to note that this bastard now holds a charge like a champ. Before the latest update, my phone would literally be dead ten hours after being taken off the charger. I would wake up at 8am, pull it off the charger, and at about 6pm it would be near death and at about 8pm it would be completely dead. Not wishing to cheat fate I turned 3G off for the past few weeks but today I used 3G the whole day long and I’m still not even through half the battery.

Now, however, when I sit on the phone I get a No SIM error. You’re damned if you do, and, it seems, if you don’t. Anyone else seeing better performance?