CrunchDeals: Pure silver HDMI cable for only $1,300

If you scoff at Monster Cable’s prices, please don’t keep reading – you’ll have a stroke. This Ethereal HDMI cable has been submitted to DPL Labs with the hopes and dreams to be the longest Class C, Level 5 HDMI cable which means that it can handle the maximum throughput on the scale. This is similar to the testing that Monster Cable showed off at CEDIA ’08. The product manager indicated that this cable was produced to see “just how good a cable could be.” 

Prepared for the onslaught of 1440p resolutions, the HDM2 has braided shield, double-sided copper foil/Mylar shield, and two single-sided shields. The thick cable measures a hefty 23 AWG.

Oh, and the conductors are made of pure silver rather than plating on top of copper. The 2-meter cable retails for an astounding $1,300 – it even comes with a nice carrying case.