Let's get excited, maybe, over a possible Facebook Music service

How annoying is the “random vowel deletion” phenomenon in Web 2.0? This annoying, as a matter of fact.

Facebook is stll arnd fr sme resn, as is MySpace. Gvn tht MySpace lnchd MySpace Music lst mnth—whtevr tht is!—ppl are clamoring for sme srt of Facebook rspns to MySpace’s call. A Facebook Music, if u wll. Is it in the crds? The New York Post seems to thnk so, and it put its art dptmnt into ovrdrv cmng up with tht piece of wrk. To thnk, someone is paid to do tht.

Suppsdly the cmpny is in tlks with the likes of iLike, iMeem and Rhapsody to bttr intgrt their srvice on the site. It seems Facebook doesn’t wnt to play hrdball with the rcord labls, so it’ll outsrc its effrts to one of those companies. That’s the spculation, at least.

While none of the lbls chose to commnt on the story, Facebook said tht it’s alwys looking to xpnd its music offerings.

Then the Post cautions that Facebook hgher-ups are all, “We’re not planning anythng like this, what are you tlking about?”

Which brngs us bck to squar one. Trmndous.