Battery-powered Mini E revealed

BMW is jumping into the niche market of battery-powered automobiles with the Mini E. The car is set to be unveiled next month at the LA Auto Show, but all the details have been just been released.

A 204 hp electric motor paired to a single speed tranny will allow the two-seater – batteries take the place of the rear bench – to zip up to 62 mph in 8.5 seconds. A Mini-supplied charging station allows owners to fully charge the 48-module lithium-ion battery pack in under 2.5 hours which reportable provides 150 miles on that charge.

These cars are going to be offered up for California, New York, and New Jersey residents through a one-year lease. Only 500 of these electric cars are going to be made so you rush out to your local Mini dealership and plop down your down payment ASAP.