Motorola releases the ultra ugly i776 on Sprint and Boost

I’ve been trying to be a bit easier on Motorola lately, as I feel some of my comments toward their devices have been a bit crass. Sorry Motorola – I can’t cut you any slack for this one. When it first leaked back in August, I declared it the ugliest handset ever created. I’ve since searched high and low for a handset to take that title, and nothing challenges it. Nothing can top a brown/purple color scheme capped with a humongous iDEN antenna.

That aside, the i776 is now available through Sprint ($79.99 on a 2 year agreement) and Boost Mobile ($99.99 on a pay as you go plan). Its got Push-to-talk, a VGA camera (fancy way of saying 0.3 megapixels), and Bluetooth. Better get to the store early – you might not beat the lines someone might see you.