Contest: Beg and plead, ladies

CrunchGear, I’m afraid, wants to steal your honey like it stole your bike. To that end, we’re encouraging you to submit a snap of your sig. other/sister/mom/grandma/the woman in marketing/yourself if you are one of CrunchGear’s 2 female readers (Hi, Mom!) pleading for a new cellphone. Which cellphone you ask, and how can I get in on this action? Read on.

I have a new AT&T BlackJack II just burning a hole on my desk. Unfortunately, it’s the pink model so I figured someone out there might enjoy it. Your mission is to take a quick pic of a female pleading – even wistfully – for the phone with something identifying CrunchGear in the frame – a sign, perhaps the website itself. Note: You cannot go to the Interweb, find a picture, and scratch the word CrunchGear on it. Email the photo to with the subject “BLACKJACK” and we’ll pick one entrant at random and create a slideshow of the entries. We’ll close up the contest next Tuesday, October 21, at noon Eastern. You don’t have to be Ansel Adams, here, people, so feel free to have fun. Multiple entries are allowed as long as they’re of different people.