DLC cards missing from some Fable II Limited Collector's Edition copies

As if the content alterations made to the LCE of Fable II weren’t bad enough, Microsoft has stated that a batch is now missing the DLC cards needed to unlock some in-game goodies. If you’re in that minority then you’ll have to wait until the 28th for this indiscretion to be remedied. For shame!

We have identified that some copies of the “Fable II” Limited Collector’s Edition are missing the downloadable content (DLC) cards, which give access to in-game bonus content. This represents a small fraction of the total number of “Fable II” games shipped and sold, and is contained to the Limited Collector’s Edition of the game in North America. We are currently investigating the scope of this situation and regardless the outcome of the investigation, we are implementing a plan to address it. We will have a means to deliver replacement codes by Oct 28th so please check back then. We apologize for the inconvenience.