Gamer Grub gets a nerd stamp of approval

When Gamer Grub launched, most of us looked upon the creation with a mix of astonishment and wonder, but the snack food recently earned the stamp of approval from USA’s WCG Gold Medal Halo 3 Team. 

We are proud to have Gamer Grub join the MoB Gaming Family. We snacked on Gamer Grub the entire weekend of E for All, and thought it was amazing, said Joey Yamcharem Scrubtwista, MoB Deeps Halo 3 team member. We won the WCG USA, receiving the gold medal in Halo 3. Gamer Grub is the snack of champions.

Well, there you have it, folks. Straight from the mouth of a winner, Gamer Grub improves your Halo skills – or something like that.