NEC develops sealed LCD screen for use as digital sign in semi-open environments

NEC today announced it has developed a completely sealed LCD screen [JP] for use as digital information boards located in train stations and other semi-exposed areas. The prototype is protected against rain, dust, dirt and other dangers.

NEC says instead of relying on external air supply, it used a new cooling technology within the LCD screens to prevent the screens from heating up. Filters aren’t needed anymore, which means the LCDs can be used in dirty and dusty areas.

NEC used its MultiSync(R)LCD5220 52-inch LCD display as a basis for the prototype and used a train station in Tokyo to gather data in a field test.

NEC plans to commercialize the technology as early as next year. The company wants to expand shipments of information displays (sealed and not sealed models) by 50% to 30,000 units per months.